Matter Auto Numbering

Matter auto numbering enables you to generate formatted sequence number which can be used to identify the Matter/Cases to keep things organized in your firm. 

CosmoLex comes with a couple of predefined auto numbering schemes and new accounts already have an applied default scheme. If you want to generate your own custom formatted sequence follow this article.

Create your own Matter File# Scheme

The Key to any Matter is the Client it belongs to. Most of the time when generating a new sequence for a Matter, you may want to include Client Identifier followed by some sequence. 

For the purpose of this article, let’s create a scheme which can generate Matter File# like

                                        [Client number]-[Current Year]-[Matter Sequence]


  • [Client number] is my client sequence number. I would like to start with ‘1’ but would like to be padded by 3 zero’s so that it has minimum of 4 characters

  • [Current Year] is the Year I am creating the matter

  • [Matter Sequence] is the matter sequence, similar to client sequence but I need minimum of 3 characters

For example, using the above format my first Matter File# should look like 0001-2018-001

In order to define a custom scheme for matter, go to Setup > Firm Settings > Firm Preferences > scroll to auto numbering section 

In the auto-numbering section, click the  icon. The following screen will show:

In this screen, select ‘Custom’ from the Selected Template drop-down list.

You will now see a new section to select ‘Types’ to be used in the scheme.


  • Client ID: You can choose to add the client ID#.

  • Sequence: Choose a number to start with. Then choose how many increments you want the number to go by. For example, if you start with 1, and the increments is 1, it will be increments of 1,2,3, etc. The increments go up to 10. The Min Length is how many characters in length. For example, if you choose 4, it will be in the construct of  0000. The min length goes up to 10. Once you have created your sequence, click the icon to add the sequence in the window.

  • Separator: You can choose to either have a dash or . for the separator.

  • Text(max of 4 characters): You can choose to have letters in the auto-numbering scheme you create. Once you have entered the text, click the icon.

  • Year: This is Current Year in [YYYY] format like 2018

  • Month: This is Current Month in [MM] format line 05 for May, 08 for August etc.

In the types field, choose client ID

Choose the dash separator

Choose Year

Choose the dash separator

Create a sequence of 1,1,3. Choose 1 for Start, 1 for Increment, and min length choose 3. When done, Click the  icon to add the sequence to the schema.

Per Client Based Matter sequence Number: 

Use this option when you want to have unique matter sequence for each distinct client. This is useful for clearly identifying multiple matters for each client. 

An Example of this:

Will Hall - Consultation: GR-04-2018-006

Will Hall - Contact: GR-04-2018-007

Will Hall - Estate Planning: GR-04-2018-008

Global Firm Level Matter Sequence Number:  

Use this option when you want firm wide unique matter sequence and do not want matter sequence to be dependent on the client.

An Example of this:

Jason Anderson - Will: GR-04-2018-001

Ashley Jones - Consultation: GR-04-2018-002

Wilton Gordon - Estate Planning: GR-04-2018-003



  • Once done, your matter file# scheme should look like this:

When ready, click Apply