Use the following instructions to upload sample data into your CosmoLex account during your trial period. When your evaluation is complete, we can remove all data per your request.

Before you get started

You will Need

  • The CosmoLex Matter Import Sample spreadsheet  (attached at bottom)
  • Access to your CosmoLex account

The following settings within CosmoLex complete:

  • Matter Owner - When you first start your CosmoLex trial you are prompted to add a matter owner (responsible attorney). You can add/confirm your matter owners under Setup > Matter Owners
  • Default Matter Owner set - During the import, if no matter owner is assigned, the default matter owner will be chosen. You can select/confirm this default under Setup > Firm Settings > Firm Preferences > Default Matter Owner.

What Will Be Imported

The following items are included in the sample data spreadsheet:

  • 3 Sample Clients 
    • Michael Carrey, Jane Smith, John Doe
  • 3 Sample Matters (one for each client)
    • Named: First Import Matter, Second Import Matter, Third Import Matter
  • 2 Sample Contact Relations
  • 2 Sample Notes
  • 2 Sample Calendar Events
  • 2 Sample Tasks

Import Instructions

  • Download the CosmoLex Matter Import Sample file (attached below) to your computer
  • Update the following fields on the spreadsheets:
    • Under Notes Data, Calendar Data, and Task tabs, change the User-Name, Owner-User-Name, and/or Created-By-User-Name fields to your own CosmoLex username - usually your email address. This will assign ownership of these items to you.
  • Save the workbook on your computer where you can easily find it

  • In your CosmoLex account, go to the global '+' menu at the top right-hand side of your screen, Select Other, and Import Data


  • Select Import Client Matter, Time, Expense, Notes, Relation or Payee Data, then click Continue on the bottom right

  • Click Choose File and locate the updated sample file on your computer, then click Upload at the bottom right

  • Click on the 'Import Setting Button at the top to ensure your settings match the following;

  • Once matched, save this window.

  • Click the Auto-Fix button at the top left, to fix any potential issues with the data

  • Click Yes when it asks “Are you sure you want to auto-fix…?”

  • There should be no errors, warnings or fixes - Click the orange Complete Import button at the top right

  • Click Yes for “Are you sure…?”
  • You will see a confirmation that the data has been imported

  • Click the gray Close button on the bottom right to close. 

All set! Click on the matter section to see your sample matters and start exploring your CosmoLex Account!