Custom fields are fields that can be created and customized to the user’s liking. The benefits of using a custom field once created:

  • The custom field can be associated with a matter or contact for visibility of detailed information

  • Custom Fields can be used as a merge field for document template creation

  • You can search for a matter or contact by a custom field in the search filters located on the Matter Landing page and Contact page.

Here are the 7 different field types and what they can be used for:

  • Single-Line Textbox: This field can be used for Name, Email Address, Birth Date, Social Security Number, etc. 

  • Text Area Box: This box allows more than one line of text to be entered. This is used for comments, descriptions, notes

  • Drop-down Select Box: This field is for selecting options from a list. An example would be a referral type.

  • Date Picker: This field allows you to select a date from a calendar. An example of this would be the statute of limitations or birth date.

  • Currency Textbox: This field only allows you to put in decimal numbers. No alpha characters other than a dot(.)

  • Number Textbox: This field allows you to only input numeric entries. No alpha characters allowed.

  • Option List: This field can be used or information forms to ask the user their preferences. You can set more than one option and the user can only select one choice.

Now that you have an understanding of each of the 7 different field types for custom field creation, you are now ready to create a custom field for matters and contacts.

To create a custom field for a matter, click HERE. For Contacts, Click HERE