To Generate:

  • Go to Setup > Click the Document Template tab on the left-hand side > Click Add under Matter.

  • In the Document Template window, type in the name of the template, choose a category for what this template is, and if necessary you can type in a description for the template.

  • Next, click Choose File

  • Locate the file on your computer and click Open

  • When ready, click Upload

  • You will then see the document template added under Setup > Document Template section > Matter Tab

  • Next, go the matter landing page > select a matter > click Action > Click Generate Document

In the Generate Document window:

Category: Choose a category for the document template

Document Template: Choose a document Template from the drop-down.

Generate As: The document template will be exported as a MS Word Document.

  • When ready, Click Generate

  • The document template will save in your downloads in the browser, or will automatically open up in MS Word.