What is Document Assembly?

    Document Assembly is a way for you to create a document template in MS word using merge fields database and import it into Cosmolex to then have it exported from Cosmolex with the matter or contact info in document templates such as Affidavits, Depositions, Correspondence, and Judgement documents just to name a few.

    The first step in the Document Assembly process is to download the merge field database either Matter or Contact tab under Setup in the document template section. You will then insert the merge fields into the document template in MS Word. Once the merge fields have been inserted into the template, and the document template has been saved to your computer, you can then upload the document template into Cosmolex and then generate the document template from Cosmolex for contacts and matters.

A few things to keep in mind for Document Assembly:

  • You would first need to download the merge field database spreadsheet from Cosmolex. 

  • The document template to use needs to be a MS Word document. 

How to Download the Merge Field Database From Cosmolex for Matter or Contact 

  • Go to Setup > Under Document Template section > Under Matter or Contact tab > click “Download Merge Field Database”. 

  • This will either open up in Excel or download as an excel file in your browser.

Here is an example of what the spreadsheet will look like:

  • Save this excel spreadsheet to your computer 

The next step is to add the merge fields to the recipient list in MS Word under Mailing Section.

How to Add Database Fields to Recipient List under Mailings in MS Word 

  • Open up the document template you have saved in MS Word or you create a new document.

  • Then click Mailings in the top menu > click “Select Recipients > choose “use an existing list”

  • Make sure you are choosing the correct excel file depending on the kind of document template you are creating. After downloading the merge fields, each file will have a specific filename for the file. For example, if you downloaded the merge field database from matter section, look for file name “cosmolex-matter” in the open file window. For contacts, look for “cosmolex-contact”.

  • Locate the merge field database spreadsheet in the select data source window and click Open

  • The Select Table window is going to appear and you're going to see your spreadsheet highlighted in blue. 

  • When ready, click Ok.

  • Under Mailings, click on the down arrow underneath “Insert Merge Field” and a dropdown list of the database fields that were imported from Cosmolex will show.

  • Also, you can click on insert merge field and the insert merge field window will appear with all the merge fields.

How to Insert Merge Fields in the Document Template in MS Word

Once you have the database fields imported from Cosmolex which will appear in the insert merge field under Mailings section in MS Word, you can now insert the fields in the document template.

  • For example, the screenshot below shows the words I want to insert fields for:

  • In the MS Word document,  highlight a word or place your cursor in the template as shown in both examples below:

  • Go to Mailings > Click the drop-down arrow for Insert Merge Fields and choose from the dropdown list. I chose field: Matter_Client_Name.

  • Once this field is chosen, you will see it take place of the word that was originally displayed or you will see it appear where your cursor was placed.

  • Follow these steps for the rest of the merge fields that need to be placed in the document template you created. The final result will look like this:

  • Once done, click File > Save As > Browse

  • Once in the Save As window, choose where you want to save the template on your computer and type in a filename to save it under. 

  • When ready, click Save

  • You have now saved the document template you created, which can be generated in Cosmolex for matters or contacts.

To generate the document template for Matters, Click HERE. For Contacts, Click HERE