Follow the following instructions to convert an unbillable time card into one that is billable. 

  • First, locate the time card you are looking to adjust. You can do this from inside the Matter itself or through the Time/Expense entries tab under Activities. 

For the sake of this article, we will perform one from inside a Matter. 

  • Click matters in the side panel > locate and double click on the matter

  • On the matter details page > go to the billing section > under Time/Expense tab to locate the time card you wish to change from Unbillable to Billable. 
  • View the Billing Status feature here to find all of your Unbillable time and expense entries associated with the Matter. 
  • Once you have located the entry you wish to edit, single click to highlight it in blue and click on the Edit button.


  • This will open up the time card for you to edit. Scroll down until you see the Advanced Settings portion of the card. 
  • Click on Advanced Settings and there you will see the Billing Info tab. 
  • Where it says billing status, and you will see the Billing Status drop-down. Use it to change the status from Unbillable to Billable. Then click on the orange Save button.

  • Now this time card has been changed to Billable and you can invoice the client for it.