When working on Fixed Fee Matters, there can be instances where the fee amount changes to a larger figure than when the case began. Fortunately, you can make that adjustment easily in your CosmoLex. 

Let's say you've begun work on a Fixed Fee matter but have not invoiced the client for the fee as of yet. Until you invoice the client for the fee, that fee amount will always be represented in the Unbilled Balance column. To change the amount at this time, simply single click on the Matter in the matters section. Once the Matter is highlighted in blue, click on the Edit button. 

  • This will take you to the Edit Matter screen. Simply revise the Fixed Fee amount in the space provided, then click the Save button.

  • The updated amount will be shown in the Unbilled Balance column. 

  • But what if you've already billed for the Fixed Fee and now you have to increase the amount? Your software allows you to handle the situation with ease. 

          Just as before you will click on Matters in the side panel, single-click on the matter and click Edit. 

  • Also, just as before, you will revise the Fixed Fee amount in the Edit Matter screen, and Click Save. 

  • When you do, the difference between the original Fixed Fee amount and the updated amount will be represented in the Unbilled Balance column. 

From here, you can either generate a new invoice for that difference. Another option would be to delete the original invoice and generate a new one for the full Fixed Fee amount on the matter. For assistance on how to do this, click HERE.