An attorney may be called upon by their client to perform a task after an hourly-billed Matter has begun, such as preparing a Power of Attorney form. Once you starting making time entries on a Matter, it's impossible to change the Billing Method. You could create a separate Fixed Fee Matter for the request but now you'd have a second Matter for the client. Fortunately, there is an easier option - make a Flat Fee time card in your hourly-billed Matter. 

  • First, begin by selecting Add Timecard for a particular Matter > under billing section > Time/expense tab. Note the Rate Type field at the bottom of the Timecard. 
  • Next, you will find a drop-down menu that will allow you to select the time entry as Hourly or Flat. For this particular Flat Fee Timecard, we'll change that to Flat. The amount to be charged should be entered in the Rate/Price field next to Rate Type and that figure will also be populated into the Value part of the Timecard. 
  • Once you have entered all your information, Click Save. 

  • The Timecard with the Flat Fee entry will be placed among all the other time entries made in the Matter. 

  • If or when you need to generate an Invoice for the client for the one Flat Fee entry, go to the Invoice tab within the Matter and select Create Invoice. This will take you to the Add Invoice screen where all previously unbilled time and expense entries are shown. To make that Flat Fee entry Invoice, make sure that the particular time entry is the only selection checked among your available time and expense entries. 
  • Once that is done, Click Generate.

  • You have now created an Invoice for the one Flat Fee time entry on the Matter.