To Delete Hard Cost Not Linked to Invoice:

  • Click Accounting in the side panel > under the bank section > Select operating or business account > Click Details

  • Under Transactions section > Locate the hard cost transaction > Click Delete

  • A message will come up asking are you sure you want to delete the transaction. Click Yes.

  • A warning message will appear:

  • Click Yes. The hard cost is now deleted from client matter.

To Delete Hard Cost from Invoice:

  • Go to Accounting > Bank tab > select operating or business account > Click details

  • Under transactions tab > locate the hard cost transaction > Click Edit

  • In the edit transaction window, click "unlink expense card". The expense card will be unlinked from the transaction

  • Next, make sure the transaction is highlighted and click Delete.

Note: You can't delete a hard cost expense from Matter Details > Billing Section > time/expense tab as the hard cost is posted as a matter expense and would need to be deleted from the Accounting section.