• Go to the Accounting > Bank Tab
  • Select the requested operating bank
  • Click Details
  • Select Transaction Tab
  • Action > Print Checks

This will list ALL checks which are ready to be printed.

First Check: Confirm that this is the next check number available in your stack. If it is not, change this number

Last Check: This number will calculate automatically based on your First Check number and how many checks are selected.

Change Transaction Date to Today's Date: This feature is optional.

Check Style: Select the proper check style. You can default this choice under Setup > Firm Settings > Firm Preferences.

Select the checks you wish to print (totals at the bottom will update). If you wish to print multiple checks in a certain order, click the black bar at the top of the list to choose an order (client, matter, date, etc.). 
Click Print.
A PDF file will be generated for you to open. You can then print this out on your computer checks.

If you notice a mistake and need to reprint a check, go back to your transaction section and locate the check. Edit this transaction and make sure "to be printed" is checked. When ready, click save and this will add it back to your print queue (Be sure you enter the correct check number before printing)

To order compatible checks, Click HERE