Initial CosmoLex setup for your specific e-bills should be performed by a well-trained person at your firm. In the beginning stage, you should also contact your clients to ensure your supplied eBill is adequate and understand any errors being noticed. This section summarizes some of the requirements you will need to handle within CosmoLex once you enable it for LEDES 1998B eBill Format.


  1. Under Setup > Firm Settings section> eBilling tab > enable Electronic Billing flag.  Once enabled, specify your Law Firm ID. Law Firm ID is a unique identifier which can identify law firm to your clients. Most commonly, law firm’s TIN is used. You can also enable UTBMS Codes pertaining to your practice.


  2. Under Setup > Timekeeper section > edit each TimeKeeper. Under Advanced Settings > eBilling section > set following parameters:

    • TimeKeeper ID: A unique identifier for each TimeKeeper whose time is being billed. It could be employee ID #, initials, social security number, etc.

    • TimeKeeper Classification: TimeKeeper’s classification from the available choices ["PT" (for partner), "AS" (for associate), "OC" (for of counsel), "LA" (for legal assistant), or "OT" (for other timekeeper)].

    • If these values are not specified, you will receive an error message while producing eBills.

  3. Under Contact > Client section> edit each Client who needs eBilling and ensure “Client ID” field is not blank. Client ID is a unique law firm assigned client code which must be specified for each client. If Client ID is missing, you will receive an error message while producing eBills.


  4. Under Matter, each Matter which needs eBilling invoices, ensure “Matter File #” is not blank. Matter File # is a Law firm assigned matter # which must be specified for each matter for its e-billing to be enabled.

  5. Under Matter > select the matter > click Edit > Advanced Settings > eBilling Select "Enable eBilling”. This option is only available if eBilling is enabled at the firm level as described above. This allows you to selectively enable eBilling only for Matters where it’s needed.

    • Restrict Task Codes: If this matter’s client only allows restricted codes, set those restrictions here. This will ensure while entering Time/Expense cards for “this” matter, only these restricted codes will be available and thus prevent wrong entries.

    • eBilling Format To Use: Currently only available option is “LEDES 1998B”

    • Client Issued Matter ID (Required): Client Issued Matter ID is needed in order to generate ebill.

    • Save your Matter edits. Note: After e-billing is set up for a matter, you will see ansymbol next to the matter on the left-hand side on the matter page indicating e-billing is enabled.

    • For steps on Generating eBills, go HERE