When creating a Time Card, you have the option of selecting a Billing Status: Billable, Unbillable, or No Charge

**To Apply on the matter level, select the proper Billing method option in the Edit Matter window. This will set the default for the time cards. You can change the option in the individual time cards as well.


Billable - The default option. This is for items which you will bill your client for.

UnbillableThis is for items that you want to track for time/productivity reasons, but will not be billing the client for, and do not want them listed on the invoice

**If you generate time cards for a Fixed Fee matter, they will be classified as unbillable

No Charge - This is for items which you are completing free of charge as a courtesy for your client, but you want the rate to be shown on the invoice. (Value: $200  Charge: $0.00)