Adding a Time Card
Time cards can be added in three areas in CosmoLex:

  • Click Matters in the side panel > select the matter > click the Time Icon

  • On the Matter Details Page > Click Billing section > Time/Expense tab > Add Timecard

  • Click Activities in the side panel > Under Time/Expense > Add Timecard

Entering Time

Enter Info
  • Timekeeper (Required) - Select the person performing the task, and therefore charging their rate. Once selected, the Rate field will populate automatically based on what is set in the Timekeeper default rates (Setup > Timekeeper)
** NOTE: If you only have one timekeeper, you can set a default timekeeper under Setup > User Settings > User Preferences
  • Date (Required) - The date the task was completed. This will default to today's date.
  • Task (Required) - Here you must enter a task, either from the drop-down list, or you can type in the field. You can manage and customize your task list under Setup > List Items > Tasks
  • Description - The detail of the task you performed. You can set descriptions under List Items so that it will populate automatically when a task is selected. 

Time & Amount
  • Time SpentIf you prefer to enter time in 10ths of an hour, you can select using this drop down. 
  • Entering Time for more than 8 hours -  The time in the drop-down list goes up to 8 hours. If you need to add a time card for more than 8 hours, put in the time where it says "Time Billed". (For example, if you are billing for 9 hours and 30 minutes, you would put in 9:30 in the time billed field). Once done, click in the Rate/price field and the value will reflect the time entered. 
  • Time Billed (Required) - You can overwrite the hours and minutes in this field. a value must be present here in order to calculate a total charge. **By default, time billed rounds to the nearest 6th minute, if you would like to change this, go to Setup > Firm Settings > Financial Settings > MinTimer Unit
  • Timer - You can use the timer for an exact accuracy of certain tasks (ex: phone call, document prep). Once stopped, time card will populate the amount of time along with the value of that task. There are options after starting the time to pause the time, as well as resetting the time.
  • Rate Level - This is preselected based on your default settings, however, you can change the rate level here if needed. 
  • Rate/Price - Populates based on the timekeeper selected. You can overwrite this field if needed. 
  • Rate Type - This will default to an hourly type, but if you want to make a flat entry (Ex: $50 to prepare a brief) you can select "Flat" then fill in the amount in the rate/price box.
  • Value - Calculated based on the Rate x Time Billed (or just rate, if flat option is used) This is the amount which will display on the invoice

Advanced Settings

Billing Info Tab

  • Billing Status - How you wish to/not to bill your client for this task
  • BillableThe default option. This is for items which you will bill your client for.
  • No Charge - This is for items which you are completing free of charge as a courtesy for your client, but you want the value to be shown on the invoice. (Value: $200  Charge: $0.00)
  • UnbillableThis is for items that you want to track for time/productivity reasons, but will not be billing the client for, and do not want them listed on the invoice **If you generate time cards for a fixed fee matter, they will be classified as unbillable
        - Hold - If you wish to place this item on hold (will not get picked up in invoicing)

         - Flag - You can flag priority for this card to be billed

Notes Tab
  • Internal notes for this task (will not display on invoice)

Tax Tab
  • You can choose to make the timecard taxable by checking the box. Once this box is checked, a service tax box will appear with a service tax percentage if you have matter set as taxable under Matters > Click Edit > Under Advanced Settings > Under the tax tab > select tax status as taxable. You also would have to set this up under Setup > Firm Settings Section > Financial Tab.

    When ready, click SAVE to add time to this matter
    You can also click SAVE AND NEW to open a new time card for that same matter

    Editing a Time Card

    Entered (not yet billed): you can select the time card, click Edit and make any changes necessary.

    • While generating your invoice: When in the "Add Invoice" Screen, each card has an edit button to the right, you can click there, make changes and save for them to apply to the invoice you are generating
    • After Invoice Generation (billed): You must edit the invoice, then select the edit button to the right of the respective time entry. Make changes, save, then select "Generate" to update the invoice.

    Deleting a Time Card
  • Entered (not yet billed): you can select the time card, click Delete to remove the time card
  • After Invoice Generation (billed): You must edit the invoice, DESELECT the card you wish to delete, then select "Generate" to update the invoice, That card will then be listed ad Entered (unbilled) and can be deleted