Within CosmoLex, you can create and manage labels which can be tagged to various items, such as matters, events, task, emails, notes, and documents. These allow for additional categorization of items, which also aids in searches.

Locating Labels Section

  • Go to the Setup > List Items Tab. On the left, towards the top, you will see a tab for Labels.

Here you will see a listing of labels provided within the program.

  • On this screen, click ADD

Adding a New Label

Here you can add a label, and then determine if this should apply to a particular item type or all items.
For instance, if I only wanted this to be available as a label for Matter. I would select matter in the Category menu. Note that a label name cannot contain any spaces, but can include - _ ' @ characters.

  • Once complete, click Save, and that item will now be added to your label list as well as be available when you go to tag a label to an item.

  I would create 3 labels as shown:

 Adding Labels Throughout the Application

You can also add labels from within the item. You will see a "Custom Labels" Field, in which you can click "Add New Label"





  • Once you click here, you can choose an existing label from the drop-down (or start typing to locate). You can also select "Create New Label" to open the same add label screen we saw prior.

  • Once selected/added, that label will now be tagged to that item

  • Once saved, you can then use the search functions throughout the application to find items with various labels attached.

Note: that this can be done for matters, emails, events, tasks, and notes. 

Editing a Label

Within Setup > List Items > Labels, On the menu bar of this screen, you can also edit labels by selecting, and clicking edit. Note that any changes will apply to that label as well as an update on those items containing that label.

If you have selected "Apply to all items" the change will be universal, however, if you created multiple labels across various categories, each will have to be updated.

Deleting a Label

Within Setup > List Items > Labels, On the menu bar of this screen, you can also delete labels by selecting, and clicking delete.

You will be prompted with the following message:

We recommend inactivating a label if it was previously associated with any items.
In addition to clicking the "mark as inactive" button. You can also edit the label, and uncheck the Active flag, then save.

That's it! You can now make use of labels throughout the application to help with organizing and locating matters, emails, events, tasks, and notes!