Click HERE for a video on customizing your dropdown lists.

There are numerous drop-down menus throughout the program in which you can customize. 
  • Go to Setup > List Items

  • Select a menu item
  • At the top, you will see the list items provided
  • You can then add edit or delete items from this section to customize your drop down options. 


Expense - These are the options available for the expense when entering an expense card. You can also assign descriptions and default prices if necessary.
Labels - These labels can be added to emails, events, tasks, notes etc. for easy categorization.

Matter - These are the options for Matter Name when setting up your matter.
Memo - These are the options available when completing Memo1 for transactions (what prints on your checks)
Rate Level - Create descriptions for each rate level. This will appear when selecting timekeeper rates on matter and time card screens.
Contact Type - Create contact types for use in contact details and conflict checking.
Shorthand - Create abbreviations for words, so that you can enter the abbreviation code in various areas to create certain words or phrases
Task - These are the options available for the task when entering a time card. You can also assign descriptions, task codes, and task rates here if needed
Title - These are the options for title when setting up your timekeepers

Area of Law - Create an area of law with code and choose a class.

Classes - Create a class that can be associated with chart of accounts, timekeepers, and area of law